Explained How Chips Are Designed

From chip schematic, through libraries, chip layout, packaging, simulation and more. Explained by Joren Vaes. Thank you Joren.

– Joren’s Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joren-vaes-mmwave/
– Apheniox company website: https://www.apheniox.com/
– FEDEVEL courses: https://courses.fedevel.com/

00:00 What is this video about
00:45 Difference between analogue and digital chip design
05:49 Schematic of a chip, libraries, PDK
09:16 Simulation of a chip
12:16 Software used to design a chip
15:35 Price: How much does it cost to manufacture a custom chip
17:12 How to learn chip design
19:03 Doing layout of a chip
22:37 Parasitic extraction
24:11 Design rules
28:29 Layers in chip design
29:47 NMOS / PMOS transistor
39:58 Package design for a chip
46:26 Nanometers technologies – what does it mean?
48:17 What is FinFET and why it exists?
53:58 How many people design a chip?
56:36 Joren’s chip
1:02:52 Why to design ASIC
1:06:39 CMOS vs Bipolar
1:10:47 Making resistors in a chip
1:14:05 Making capacitors in a chip
1:14:49 Thickness of metal layers
1:18:04 Parameters of a transistor
1:22:07 THz chip example
1:27:29 Making perfect chips from imperfect components
1:32:56 ESD protection in chips