What Decoupling Capacitor Value To Use And Where To Place Them | Eric Bogatin

Practical examples to show what decoupling capacitors do. Explained by Eric Bogatin. Thank you Eric.

– Bogatin’s Practical Guide to Prototype Breadboard and PCB Design: https://www.amazon.com/Bogatins-Practical-Prototype-Breadboard-Design/dp/163081962X
– The Myth of Three Capacitor Values: https://www.signalintegrityjournal.com/articles/1589-the-myth-of-three-capacitor-values
– Signal Integrity Academy (use FEDSI – 3 months free): https://www.bethesignal.com/bogatin/3monthsubscription.php
– FEDEVEL courses: https://courses.fedevel.com/

00:00 What is this video about
02:06 The schematic
14:44 The board / circuit
22:03 Example: Long rise time
26:48 2us rise time, no decoupling capacitor
29:46 Fast rise time, no decoupling cap
34:01 Fast rise time, moving probe
35:32 Estimating decoupling capacitor value
38:49 1000uF close to circuit
41:42 1000uF far from the circuit
43:37 1uF close to the circuit
46:24 Where to place decoupling capacitor
48:38 1 vs 2 capacitors
50:04 Sometimes more is better
54:18 Conclusion
55:49 Why 100nF capacitor?
1:01:43 Why PDN Graph?