How are big FPGA (and other) boards designed? Tips and Tricks

Many useful tips to design complex boards. Explained by Marko Hoepken. Thank you very much Marko

00:00 Schematic symbol – Pins
09:54 Nets and connections
20:55 Hierarchical schematic
25:55 Multiple instances of one schematic page
31:47 Checklists
35:52 Pin swapping
40:07 Use unused pins
43:42 Optimizing power
1:00:14 Handling special pins
1:06:11 Footprints and Packages
1:09:50 Fanout / Breakout of big FPGA footprints
1:24:59 Layout
1:28:33 Length matching
1:36:55 Build prototypes
1:44:31 Reduce complexity
1:51:21 Where Marko works