How to minimize noise in your OP AMP and ADC circuits

How to calculate, simulate, measure and filter noise in circuits with operational amplifier and with AD converters. Explained by Arthur Kay from Texas Instruments. Thank you Arthur.

– TI Precision Labs: ADCs
– TINA-TI analog simulation program
– PSPICE-FOR-TI design and simulation tool
– Operational Amplifier Noise book
– Analog Engineer’s Pocket Reference Guide
– FEDEVEL courses:

00:00 Operational amplifier noise – Extrinsic and intrinsic
02:59 OP AMP – Filtering intrinsic noise example
04:51 Simulating OPAMP noise – with filter
07:53 Simulating Operational amplifier – no filter
12:49 Simulating OP AMP with smaller resistors but same gain
14:25 Simulation vs reality – comparing noise results
16:36 Simulating OP AMP with EMIRR
20:23 Noise on AD converter
25:55 60Hz ( 50Hz ) noise on AD converter
29:47 About removing noise on AD
34:29 Calculating noise
34:53 Noise in resistors
37:22 Noise spectrum / spectral density
39:48 Adding noises together – equation
40:32 RMS vs. standard deviation
42:43 Noise gaussian distribution, standard deviations
47:32 1/f or flicker noise
49:09 Understanding noise simulation results and graphs
54:46 Understanding Output noise vs. Total noise graph
1:00:06 Calculating OP AMP + ADC noise
1:04:19 OP AMP filters difference
1:06:54 Real example of calculating noise
1:10:58 Does the model used in simulation include noise?
1:14:33 Real example: simulations / calculations vs. real measurements
1:19:24 Converting codes to volts
1:23:07 OPAMP with EMI filter (EMIRR)
1:29:23 Arthur’s Book