TIP: You can have crosstalk on boards running at low frequency #hw_tip #001

I have decided to refresh my hardware design tips. The first one is related to randomly crashing and freezing boards and to boards with a weird behavior. Have you ever had a problem with crosstalk? How did you solve it?

– What Every PCB Designer Should Know – Crosstalk Explained (with Eric Bogatin) https://youtu.be/EF7SxgcDfCo
– Understanding Crosstalk in PCB Layout – You may wish you knew this before (with Eric Bogatin) https://youtu.be/5EeQPxRdurk
– 3 Simple Tips To Improve Signals on Your PCB – A Big Difference https://youtu.be/CDJn-35W8sg

– FEDEVEL Online Courses https://marketplace.fedevel.education/