See How Audio Filters Work | Compressor, Notch, Shelf, Limiter and more … | Remco Stoutjesdijk

Explains what audio filters do and when and how to use them to improve audio quality. Thank you very much Remco Stoutjesdijk

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00:00 What is this video about
00:34 Setup to measure audio signals
09:17 The board we use for audio processing: ADAU1452
12:50 Low pass filter
16:51 Peaking filter
21:00 Notch
22:08 Shelf filter
24:27 Signal depending filters
24:45 Loudness algorithm – adjusting loudness for human ear
34:40 Room acoustic correction
40:07 How does audio compressor work – explained
46:53 How audio compression can be useful
49:58 About manipulating audio volume and possible quality loss
55:47 Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
1:00:53 Measuring attack and release
1:10:36 Adjusting audio volume multiple times vs noise
1:13:09 Audio dithering
1:15:35 dB types: SPL vs FS ( 0dB SPL vs 0dB FS )
1:20:55 Safe recording dB levels
1:21:53 Setting up filters to get the best sound
1:27:39 How does active noise cancelation work
1:32:16 Limiter, SoftClip
1:37:31 Limiter vs Compressor