Tutorial For Beginners to Start with 3D Printing

Everything you need to know to start with 3D printing.

00:00 About this video
01:15 What 3D printer to buy
02:58 What filament to buy
05:26 Buy bed leveling sensor ( BL Touch )
09:19 Building 3D printer ( Creality Ender 3 V2 )
10:16 Manual bed leveling
11:30 Install Cura software, add printer and material
12:24 First printing – print BL Touch holder
15:32 BL Touch sensor installation
16:01 Z Offset, autoleveling command
17:19 Saving 3D printer settings
18:20 Print from Thingiverse
18:31 Scaling down the items
18:57 Designing your own items – Fusion 360
19:32 Build plate adhesion – use when items fell over
20:03 Using Support – use if something would print into air
21:08 Rotating items in Cura to eliminate support and make them stronger
21:39 Troubleshooting: Filament stops moving ( stuck filament )
22:42 How to clean the bed ( build plate )
23:32 Tip: Buy a scalpel, tweezers
23:41 Tip: Add a beep sound when 3d printing starts and finish