Hardware Design Directory Template

Visual version of the FEDEVEL Directory Template.
This directory template helps you organize your documentation. It also helps engineers to generate high standards and consistent outputs. Download latest template here and PDF Directory Template document here.

Thank you to Guillermo for the idea of creating this visual diagram of the directory structure 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hardware Design Directory Template

  1. A nice and consistant directory structure is good, but you should really have a look into version control, esp. as you use Altium and integration is quite good there…


    1. Hello Carsten. A good point. For most of my projects I use google drive to back up Design & Relesed File directories. Google drive supports automatic file versioning – for all files (including docs, codes, schematics, pcb, …). I found this easier & simpler, than using a separate version control system. Have a nice day, Robert


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