HW Development Directory Structure and File Backup Setup

I have updated FEDEVEL’s Directory structure by the following way:

  • Design Files directory – the files used during development. Regularly backed up and versioned.
  • Released Files directory – the files which were sent to production. Regularly backed up and versioned.
  • Work directory – the files which can be downloaded from Internet.

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For standard projects I use Google Drive. How?

I have a server, where I run Google Drive application. This application does backup and versioning of everything located in Google Drive Directory – automatically. In this special Google Drive directory, I created Design Files directory and Released Files directory. These two directories are Shared & Mapped on company network (under R: and S: letter) and accessible from all FEDEVEL’s computers.

So, the design and released files are automatically backed up, versioned, accessible and located out of company in case of unpredicted disaster (lighting, flood, …). It’s simple to set up, very useful, requires no maintenance and costs only $3 a month. For special clients who requires confidentiality, I use my own backup server.

Note: Each directory contains Read Me.txt file to explain what kind of files should be located there. It helps to keep your standards on same level for each project / person and make your documentation clear.

If you like the structure, you can use it for your new project too. Simply copy the directory from this template and rename it.

DOWNLOAD FEDEVEL’s Directory Structure Template HERE

Older versions: 28-NOV-2012

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