7 thoughts on “Altium Designer – Component Placement Tutorial

  1. Hi,
    your blog is very useful,  can you also explain the roules for a best components placement? I’m newby in pcb design and I have some questions.  I’m new in pcb design and I have some questions. For example, how can I place components to maximize electrical performance?
    Thank you and sorry for my poor english


    1. Thank you Emanu,
      when you work on a design, check design guides or datasheets. They normally speak about placement. Do not worry, I am sure you will learn it 😉
      Have a great day,
      – Robert


  2. Hi Robert, and thanks for your videos! They are a great resource, please keep making them.

    Do you know if this method still works with AD15? I tried to reproduce it but cross-probe highlighting is cancelled once placement starts. Or do I have a bad setting somewhere? AD local support just told me there is no way to do what you do!




      1. There will be very many people *trying* to use it, your video is the top result for “altium component placement”! 🙂


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