3 thoughts on “Altium Designer – Define a Custom Grid under BGA

  1. hello sir,
    I need to know
    Is it possible to export schematic in jpeg file from altium.
    Can  i put via between the smd pad.
    and when i am designing package of LGA14 footprint.i read it’s application note where they write in stencil designing guideline.
    Stencil opening for 4 corner pads are bigger then other.and other are smaller then pad.
    My problem is how to design custom paste layer.when I put some value on paste mask expension it apply all corner but i need to apply it at one corner only..


  2. Hello,

    I got a link in the official AD forum to this video. It’s nicely done and you describe the procedure very well.

    I’ll follow your blog now ;-). Thanks.


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