Altium Designer – Robert Feranec – Contractor / Freelancer

Now I can do Hardware Design also for companies without their own EDA software. I have got my own Altium Designer Licence. Read more about my skills & experience here.

Before I bought the licence, I checked offers from PADS and Cadence. Why have I decided for Altium? Read inĀ 5x Why choose Altium Designer for Electronic Hardware Design

One thought on “Altium Designer – Robert Feranec – Contractor / Freelancer

  1. Dear Sir,

    After a lot of studies and invaluable guidance from you personally (via Facebook) and ur website I was able to design a 4 layer board in Altium. Its got impedance controlled and diff tracks as well.

    I sincerely thank u for taking ur time for me.

    Vinod Karuvat.


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