TI C6A816x Computer on Module

I have implemented a complete hardware design and software development by myself in just 7 months. Project finished on time and within budget for KDS company. VOIPAC helped me with production.

Project specification

Hardware: Computer on Module + Base Board

  • TI C6-Integra™ DSP+ARM® Processor 1.5GHz (TMS320C6A816x)
  • up to 2GB DDR3-1600/800MHz, 1GB NAND, 16MB SPI, 32GB solder down MicroSD,
  • 1Gb Ethernet, HDMI, USB ports, Serial ports, Video Capture Interface

Software: U-Boot + Linux

The next successful project can be yours!

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TMS320C6A816x module

Picture: The module and base board

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