Altium Designer Tutorial: How to start with Schematic & PCB

Step by step video tutorial. Shows everything you need to know to start with Altium Designer – Creating Schematic symbols & PCB footprints, Drawing Schematic, Doing PCB layout and Generating Outputs for Manufacturing.

Download the files from the video here.

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21 thoughts on “Altium Designer Tutorial: How to start with Schematic & PCB

  1. Just a real good tutorial! Not easy to find something easy and fast ! Nice I appreciate a lot. Hope in more for beginner.


      1. Hi Robert
        is there a way to download these videos since we are not allowed to view videos online from where i work.

        thanks for your good work.


  2. Thanks to share. As a beginner, it is greatly helpful to know how professional builds a project. By the way, which version Altium designer do you use in this demostration?


  3. i really appreciate you doing these videos but I think there are some
    points I would like to make. One is your answer about “I think” I am
    using version 9. This is a VERY IMPORTANT piece of information i think
    you need to take more seriously as if you are using v9 and someone is
    using something else this tutorial may be a total waste of time if there
    are some features either added, removed or modified (at the least very
    confusing). In all software tutorials worth their salt they need to
    have VERY CLEARLY THE VERSION NUMBER being talked about. I also think
    you are too quick at the beginning of tutorials so tend to wizz through
    the menus and grab the relevant bits. The detail of how to move objects
    around etc is nice but how you get there is almost impossible to
    follow. One of the BIGGEST CONFUSION POINTS for me is the file
    structure in approximately 50% of these tutorials half of what is on
    your screen is not in mine due to file structure, ie component library,
    footprint library etc being totally different.

    This program is
    not the most intuitive to use particularly with how it manages file
    structures and ALL the tutorials I have viewed are great at explaining
    basic component placement etc but really do not address the file
    structures on any level. If you can please can you add a video that
    addresses file structure and library management in altium. For example
    if i go to footprint I really am struggling getting any kind of output
    from this. I am also struggling with the tabs beneath the file list on
    the left the tabs you often refer to do not exist on mine.

    would really help before your tutorials start to explain what file you
    are using, what libraries you are using how they are structured and to
    ensure you are in the right area of altium so all the tabs, component
    lists etc are as you view them because for me 50% of the time it just
    doesnt add up.

    Some other points. Who ever was criticizing your
    english is a complete joker as your english is 100% fine and I am very
    thankful for you taking your time to make these videos.

    This has clearly taken you a lot of your time and without these videos I really would be in the dark.

    software is nice but seems to have a long history from various
    developers etc so there seems to be an awful lot of stuff that is
    totally unnecessary and all it does is confuses the hell out of me. The
    actual task in hand is relatively simple but so far 3 days on I am not
    really beyond displaying a few schematic images that I cannot get to
    link with the footprints correctly.

    Yes its easy if your file structures are flowing right. if you lose track of the file structures good luck.


    1. Thank you Dave for your feedback. If you are missing some TABs in the left panel, you can add them through the buttons called “System, Design Compiler, SCH/PCB, Instruments, Shortcuts, …” These buttons are placed in the right bottom corner of Altium Designer. Hope this helps.


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