Altium Designer – 3D model of your PCB – it’s really easy

The video explains how to create / add a 3D model to a component in Altium Designer PCB layout. Also explains how to add other SYSTEM 3D parts into board model.

See the real picture of the PCB from this video at Altium Designer – 3D Model and Real PCB side by side

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10 thoughts on “Altium Designer – 3D model of your PCB – it’s really easy

  1. Good video! I know it is quite old by now, but still..

    One thing I came to think about was the placement of the STEP-model you did there. There is a great command for aligning the 3D-model with the board. When in 3D-mode the command is found under “Tools -> 3D Body Placement -> Align Face with Board”.

    With this command active you first click on the model you want to align then you click on the surface of the model you know will be in contact of the board. This helps alot and what is left to do is to move the model to the right x/y-coordinate, easiest done in 2D-mode.


  2. Thanks for sharing nice video presentation about Altium
    designer. This video contains full of concept of 3D designing and skill
    also so it is beneficial for students to gain knowledge of 3D modeling
    through Altium designer software.


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