Altium Designer – How to Create Assembly Drawing Layers

This video demonstrates how to create TOP and BOTTOM assembly drawing layers in Altium Designer PCB layout.

Picture: Screenshot from the assembly  drawing generated in the video.

Assembly Drawings are used to identify component position on the PCB and are
often used during process of component fitting.


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8 thoughts on “Altium Designer – How to Create Assembly Drawing Layers

  1. There is a bug in current version of Altium, use:  

    istext and (Rotation = 90000)
    istext and (Rotation = 180000) 
    istext and (Rotation = 270000)
    istext and (Rotation = 360000)   


  2. Iam designing a 4 layered PCB which has through hole and buried Via. While creating the drill drawing it is creating three drill tables. But there is no mention of notes like L1 to L4, L2 to L4, L3 to L4 in the table. 

    1. Is it possible to edit the drill table (if so how) ? 

    2. Or can i place a custom text for each drill layer  (like “L1 to L4”) on top of the drill table. I have done placing a text but it comes in all the drill layers. 

    Can you please help me with this ? 

    – Chandramouli 


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