Altium Designer – Generating 3D CAD File

This video explains how to generate a STEP file (3D output) from Altium Designer. It also explains how to add mounting holes into the 3D model.

The 3D CAD software from this video (CAD Exchanger) can be downloaded here. Free licence is valid for one month.

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6 thoughts on “Altium Designer – Generating 3D CAD File

    1. I have seen all your post here regarding AD and all are usefull. I haven’t known about Show Graph feature in Navigator what can improve efficiency of check significantly. 
      I do not know any other way how to display mounting holes correctly but I do not use those exports frequently. We do not have/use mechanical CAD. I have to finish entire design in AD. But time to time I need to export it and now I have a tool to check exports before sending them out and a way how to correct an errors. 
      Thanks. Keep going. 

      BTW there is no Reply button on your comment I have to Reply on my comment.


  1. HI,

    For 3D modeling you can also try FreeCAD. CAD Exchanger is only a viewer, but FreeCAD is editor.

    In 0.13 version it imports STEP colors correctly


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