Altium Designer – Using uVIAs and Buried VIAs in PCB layout

This video tutorial shows how I use micro VIA and  blind VIA in Altium Designer during PCB layout (HDI PCB Technology).

Updated: Have a look also on the following video created by elektroniskorg. The video explains how to configure Altium Designer Rules for automatic VIA selection during interactive routing. Thank you for a great tutorial.

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5 thoughts on “Altium Designer – Using uVIAs and Buried VIAs in PCB layout

  1. The stuff here is pretty cool and awesome. I got the meaning clearly and need no longer time to understand it. It’s really interesting. As pcb designer i will able to learn so many thing..


  2. Speaking of vias, have you ever had that weird problem, that they disappear after routing. I had it in some older Altium version at university. Tried to untick ‘Automatically Remove Loops’ under ‘Interactive Routing Options’ but it didn’t help. I have never found out was it bug, or just my lack of knowledge. At presence, we are waiting for trial version of new release at work, so I will test it out, is this still an issue.


      1. Thanks for reply, I think I just wanted to save some manually placed vias from disappearing during automated routing/un-routing back then.  Tested it out with new Altium and for such purpose ticking ‘Locked’ under vias properties does the job. Bart


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