PCB layout rules for PCIE, SATA, LAN, LVDS, USB, SDVO, …

Here is a helpful design guide document which describes recommended electrical circuits and PCB layout rules for:

  • PCI Express, ExpressCard, PCI Express Mini Card, PCI Express Graphic – PEG,
  • PCI, Ethernet – LAN, USB, IDE, SATA, LPC, Audio AC97 / HDA,

A page example (from the document):

PCI Express routing rules

Don’t get confused. It’s a design guide for COM Express carrier board. Just ignore mechanical and power chapters in the document.

Original document can be downloaded here:

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6 thoughts on “PCB layout rules for PCIE, SATA, LAN, LVDS, USB, SDVO, …

    1. I have to add that i have made a short examination to find the right impedance values and I have found always different values e.g. for SATA (100, 90 or 85).


      1. Hello Robert,

        thank you for your fast replay. I will check my chip in more detail. Maybe I can find the rigth values for the used interfaces.


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