What is the best Project management software?

I have read this question so many times and I will answer it. The answer is:

YOU need to figure out what project management software is best for YOU.

You don’t need to ask other people – they don’t know what you need. Their answer usually is:

  • software what they developed or sell,
  • they heard about, but they have not used
  • they use, but this doesn’t mean it fits to your needs

Therefore, my advice is: Ask google and start TESTING. The TEST must be carried out by people who will actually use the system – this is key of successful implementation.

And – keep in mind – simpler is better or am I wrong? Send me a message or leave a comment if you know someone who successfully use MS Project for planning and resource management on daily basis. I am really curious how they do it.

Ohh. I’ve almost forgot. If you are still looking for a Project managment systems you can start here – there are only 165 different solutions

PS: My personal recommendation – Start using Basecamp and see what other features you may need.

PSS: Be realistic. No software will magically solve planning and resource issues. In this case you may be looking for something else – hmm – try replace your manager.

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6 thoughts on “What is the best Project management software?

  1. If you are using any project management software and if you have your own business or company, then the purpose of project management is very high and helps to manage time, scope and budget so that you can make a profit.

    Specifically, you must estimate time for completing tasks and record actual time to see if you are on time and on budget. If the client adds scope, then you need a way to record those tasks for future requests.

    For managing multiple tasks at once, a dashboard view across projects is good along with associated resources so you can forecast resources and see your commitments. I believe using Replicon’s product ( http://goo.gl/yGF1mm ) will help to track our time spent on each task.


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