7 thoughts on “Best way to check ORCAD schematic – use Altium Designer

  1. Great video!  Thanks for putting this together.  I’d like to see something similar on checking PCB placement and routing from the schematic.  One tip I just learned is that using the Navigation panel, I can select a component or net, and if I ALT-click the item, it highlights it in both the schematic and PCB.  Very helpful!


    1. Thank you for your feedback Dave. 
      The video in the post below shows PCB and Schematic interaction: http://www.fedevel.com/welldoneblog/2010/11/altium-designer-tutorial-nets-components-browsing-probing-in-schematic-and-pcb/


  2. Thanks for the video. One issue that I have with this type of checking (c.f. with checking a netlist by hand with a highlighter) is that it appears that, using Altium, you have no full proof method of knowing what you have checked or not ! Is there anyway around this next to writing down on paper what you have already checked / where you are up to ?


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