Internet Marketing – Can anyone do it? (experiment)

Goals of this experiment:
1) To prove, that any good and useful product can make money if marketed properly.
2) To prove, that anyone can do effective Internet marketing.

I have no idea about Internet marketing – I am a hardware design engineer (if you don’t know what’s that – do not worry. If you ask my family they don’t know too 🙂 ).

For this experiment I have developed a simple webpage –
This webpage represents the product what I am going to promote.

What do you think, can anyone do it?

19 thoughts on “Internet Marketing – Can anyone do it? (experiment)

    1. Hi. It works!
      I am not currently doing it with (current version is too slow), but I use Internet marketing to present my HW design services and it works very well. I have decided do not look for a regular job, as I can get enough work for me (and my company) via Internet marketing. 


  1. Hmm..
     i am quite agree with you on your first point that any good and useful product can make money if marketed properly but i am not agree with you that anyone can do effective Internet marketing.. i think it isn’t a easy work.. For doing effective internet marketing you should have great knowledge about it


  2. This is attractive post,I am looking to start my own internet marketing business. I want to do something with affiliate marketing but not sure exactly where to start or if thats even something I should start with.Thanks for sharing the information.


  3. Internet marketing can be difficult to those who are new to
    the whole concept of marketing, but it gets easier once you learn the ropes and
    the secrets of the trade. But mostly, what you need to be successful in this
    kind of business is hard work and precise strategic thinking.


  4. There are some of the best online marketing methods are articles and press release posting, blog comments also play very important role in terms of better internet marketing.


  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, to what I understand you are looking for an internet marketer that can do internet marketing pretty well?


  6. Internet Marketing is really effective to be use in a business. This can drive good traffic on your website to gain good rankings and lure more costumers.


  7. You do have to learn the most basic principles of relationship building that remain true, whether you’re marketing face-to-face, in print, or marketing online. These foundational principles transcend any opportunity and work in any medium.


    1. I do a lot of Internet marketing, just not with the website (I have other websites and other products). Anyone who wants, can do it, but it is a hard work and the product needs to be good 🙂


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