cakePHP – Quick and Simple Maintenance page

How to setup a maintenance page in cakePHP – this is one of the ways:

Create new model:

Create new controller:

layout = ''; //empty layout - an example
		//$this->layout = 'header_only'; // I use my header-only layout which shows page header on the top

Create new view:

We are currently taking care of your data. Please check back later.

and add following line on the top of

//MAINTENANCE - uncomment when maintenance
Router::connect('*', array('controller' => 'offlines', 'action' => 'index'));

When this line is left uncommented then all requests are redirected to the app/views/offlines/index.ctp page.

Hope this helps.

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3 thoughts on “cakePHP – Quick and Simple Maintenance page

  1. Hello, i follow the procedure but nothing happend.

    ‘ve you an idea of what can be wrong, I’m on the latest version of cakephp. I’ve deleted the cache of chrome. I’ve commented all other router and my site still visible…

    I know that it’s very difficult to help with these poor informations, but I don’t know what I can say more.

    Thank you in advance.

    ps : sorry for my english, but I’m french 🙂


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