Altium Designer Tutorial – How to Print assembly drawing

How to print assembly drawing or selected layers only? I believe, you will find this video useful.

You may want to have a look also at Altium Designer – How to Create Assembly Drawing Layers

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11 thoughts on “Altium Designer Tutorial – How to Print assembly drawing

  1. Hi Robert,

    I have one additional question on printouts and I haven’t found a solution yet. I am working with altium designer 15 and let’s imagine the following scenario: On my PCB printout I have a frame and a box on the lower right corrner where all project data is visible (author, date, company logo, revision number etc). This frame is on mechanical layer 16 and I want to have it on every printout so if one takes a look at it he knows the project name etc. Now, if i would like to printout the bottom layer then I would like to have it mirrored. Howerver, I only found the option to mirror all layers but not a specific one. Therefore, if I enable the option “mirror” in the PCB printout properties it mirrors all layers including my frame and the box with the project data.
    Do you know how to solve this problem?



    1. That is a very interesting question 🙂 I would probably create two layers with your table: one normal table and one mirrored table. Maybe, try to ask your Altium support – if there is such a feature. Please, let us know then, I am curious. Have a very nice day, Robert


  2. Hi Robert,
    Is there a way to reuse the assembly drawings of the output job without using Vault?

    It is very time consuming to have to define the layers and colors for every project.


      1. I mean what you did in the video between minute 1:53 and 4:32 (define layers to print and colors). This is project specific, not Altium global settings.
        When I open a different project or create a new one, everything is in the default settings and I have to repeat everything again. Very annoying…


      2. I didn’t find an option with that specific name (“Save as Default”) but I found a way to do it. I copied the Output Job file to the AD17 shared folder and defined the default file in DXP>Preferences>System>New document Defaults. Maybe this is what you mean by “Save as Default”…
        It gets easier to work with AD each day and in part thanks to your videos!


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