How to build home office for 560EUR in 3days

I work from home a lot and I needed a quiet place. I decided to split our living room with a plasterboard wall. That was one of my best investments in 2010.

I didn’t have any experience how to build plasterboard wall. I checked youtube, went shopping and … the result is a small office with almost soundproof wall build for 360EUR(wall) + 200EUR (window). We built the wall together with my brother in law in just 2 afternoons + 1 day for painting.

The links what I used:

Watch from 2:55min


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2 thoughts on “How to build home office for 560EUR in 3days

  1. Such a tight casing around a soundproofs window means that the window will not only

    block all unwanted noise; it will keep out all the warm and cold drafts which had

    been penetrating the seals of your old window and increasing your energy bills.

    Your soundproof window will provide a home which is not only quieter but less

    expensive to run, in one simple installation!


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