Altium Designer – DDR2 routing and layout video

This video has been taken when I was doing DDR2 layout using Altium Designer. I usually use Cadence Allegro and I had to improvise a little bit this time. If there is a better way to measure copper length between objects, please leave a comment or let me know by email.

See more tips about length matching in my next post Altium Designer – DDR3 routing and PCB layout video and new updated video at Altium Designer – DDR2 / DDR3 length matching

You can download the spreadsheet what I used during the layout here:

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7 thoughts on “Altium Designer – DDR2 routing and layout video

  1. Robert, you may have already learned this trick.  To quickly select connected track segments, just press the “S” key then select “Single Physical Connection Layer” from the menu.


    1. Hi Rjoec. Thank you. Yes, there was a new feature recently released (the video is very old):

      Update 18: Updated plug-ins from release 10.972.23595 to 10.1051.23878
      New track selection mode

      A new Select Track command has been added that provides the option of selecting connected track segments on the current layer – in effect, to select connected copper until the layers change or a component pad is encountered. In addition, the Select Physical Connection option has been changed so that tracks covered by a component pad are included in the selection. View BugCrunch report #1110.


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